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Recorded, mixed and mastered @ MGProZikTion (our drummer, self-production)


released April 29, 2016

Credits : Vincent (Alea Jacta Est), Flo (LANDMVRKS), Loïc (Eight Sins), Fred (Oerjgrinder, Punished Earth, Ferox), Kev (John Rambo), Useless Pride, Freegun, Gremillet Guitars



all rights reserved


SpitBack Strasbourg, France

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Track Name: Never Surrender
Still here, we will never surrender.
The fire that keeps us alive,
Will never stop burning.
They want us to shut up,

But they don't have the power to do so.
The road is long to win this new battle.

But we are ready to fight, for what we believe in.
Against this government, against this injustice,
That forces us to unleash our hate.

They feel safe behind their fortress,
Built with impunity in front of our eyes.
They're mocking our ideas.

In the name of so called rules,
They're protecting well.

We lost too much time,
A new era is emerging.
It's time to act,
And take control of our life.

We lost too much time,
The wrath is growing.
Stand up and fight,
Take control of your life.

Take control of our life.

Wanting to wait too long, to understand too much,
They wanna benefit to better choke us.
Listening to them too long, buy their bullshit too much,
They wanna benefit to better control us.

We will,
We will never surrender.
We will never surrender.
Track Name: Massacre - feat. Kevin John Rambo & Fred Punished Earth
Terrifying and atrocious vision
Of our so beautiful planet
Full of love. The curtain rises,
Revealing the horror.

Everything is cold and silent.
The smell of dew has been replaced by sulfur.
Human kind madness is again
The cause of this disaster.

Nobody can tell about this cataclysm.
A detonation was enough,
To decimate in a few seconds...

… a whole population.

Women and children disapeared,
Victims of life's enemies.

Such a massacre has no name,
And is considered as banal.
In whose name are we allowing this,
Justified with a pretext for peace.

There will be a lot of human losses,
But there are more than enough souls.
The value of their life is not equal.
Remains to define which will let them hit the jackpot.

Who can explain the way they play with us ?
Like a game of chess, where we're not the damn king.
How can we justify that millions are dying ?
And their satisfaction, despite the consequences.

Decimate a whole population.
Track Name: Digital World
You were born in a digital world,
Without real meaning, or real importance.
Your only concern should be doing
What is best for yourself.

Behind a screen, you lose your self esteem.
With the obsession of being adulated by
Unknown people.

Get up, that's not your real life.
Come back, get a hold of yourself
Get up, that's not your real life.
Come back, get a hold of yourself

Bit by bit, your soul wanders
Around without leaving any trace,
Except these false opinions
People have about you.

Don't be a sheep

It's time to deliver, and I hope that you will understand.
All that you considered is just a fucking parody.
You are nothing in your pathetic world,
And that’s all you need to know.
Track Name: Bonjour Messieurs Dames
Issu de la jeunesse dorée et des beaux quartiers,
Je ne connais ni la peur, ni l'angoisse du besoin.
Je ne comprends pas ce que tu peux vivre et endurer,
Mais j'en parle comme si c'était mon quotidien.

Changer le monde était ma volonté.
Je pensais pouvoir l'accomplir,
Mais j'ai été différemment formaté.
On m'a appris, au contraire, à vous asservir.

Jamais d'accord avec le pouvoir en place,
Je crie ma haine dans tous les débats.
Quand j'me regarde dans la glace,
J'me vois avec eux, riant aux éclats.

Tous opposés, au fond des frères.
Tous unis pour vous enculer.
Vous manipuler, c'est notre carrière.
Ensemble, nous allons vous briser.

Venez donc voter !
Pour eux, pour nous, quelle différence ?
Pas d'quoi regretter.
Et surtout, vive la France !

Bonjour messieurs dames,
Nous venons vous niquer.
Bonjour messieurs dames,
Il est temps d'abdiquer !

J'prends en otage ta vie et ton entourage.
Je contrôle tout, je suis pas toujours sage.
Ta soeur me suce, pendant qu'je signe mes chèques.
Désolé hein, c'est mon côté abject !

Arrête de lutter, tu ne peux pas gagner.
Ensemble, nous te ferons plier.
Track Name: Go All Out - feat. Vincent Alea Jacta Est & Flo Landmvrks
Tired to endure this misery,
My eyes have to watch everyday.
They corrupted me until blindness,
I let them drive me like a monkey.

I'm told my future is well protected,
In this country of freedom where nothing bad would happen.
I became so weak I can't look my reflection anymore.

What the fuck, do they take us for stupid ?
I’m not foolish enough to let them brainwash me.
Everything is dark in my spirit,
I'm feeling like i'm possessed.

Hey, wake up bro, the battle isn’t over.
Don’t you understand we’re nothing but powerless ?
Raise your head, keep on fighting for your life.
Together, we’ll grow stronger and stronger.

Bit by bit, they managed to extinguish
The fire that burned inside me.
Drugged by all their lies, I’m feeling my mind
And my rage getting lost.

Move on, giving up will never be a solution.
They wanna divide us, but we can't let it go.
Becoming coward is offering them victory.
You're right dude, a piece of hope is lighting up.

This is not the moment for whining,
Face the situation without letting yourself go.

Become aware that we alone can change the future.
It's our role to write a new page in the history.
Only the strength of our acts can change it.
Only then will we be proud of our prints left on earth.

Together and against them, we won't let go.
United and welded, we're ready to fight.
From north to south, from west to east, we fear nothing.
Alea Jacta Est, SpitBack, still in da house !

We fear nothing, as long as we've the courage
To defy anybody that stands in our way.
The struggle we engaged is unsafe.
For better days, we're ready to go all out.

Go all out.
Track Name: Losing Control
Walking on the street, my mind is far away.
My life fell into routine long ago.
I feel no pleasure anymore.
Pissed off, but I'm holding myself back.

I need to go somewhere to escape reality,
Explode my black thoughts into pieces.

Passing by one of these places,
This depraved youth cherishes.
Everyone looking askance at me,
Until this guy shoves me.

I'm cold but feel the heat rising,
All my senses are waking up,
I'm slowly losing control.

That's it I'm gonna bleed him dry,
Provoking a panic wave.
He will pay for all my pain,
But nobody has the balls to stop me.

I see him, lying face down on the floor.
With a smile on my lips, feeling empty.
The end is coming as they are enclosing me,
And I have no fucking regrets for nothing.

The worse about this story is,
This kind of facts becomes commonplace.
Nobody and nothing can prevent them to happen.

An ordinary dude that goes over the edge,
But how can we blame him ? Didn't you ever
Feel the need to settle the score ?
Do we have to bear this bitch of a life ?

Contempt, intolerance, disinterest surrounding us.
Disgust, no salvation, we're prisoners in this hell on earth.
Track Name: No Pain, No Rules
It's time to enjoy this moment,
Far from reality and all our problems.
Forget our pain and breath,
Don't care about tomorrow.

With my squad, this party will be hard.
We don't give a fuck about your job your clothes.
Here is no pain, no rules.

No pain no rules,
As days go by, it's for these values we fight.
Never alone,
Nobody can break our link.

No pain no rules,
As days go by, it's for these values we fight.
Never alone,
Nobody can break our link.

No matter what happens this night,
We are crazy, that's all you need to know.
'cause we always will be young.

Don't try to understand ourselves,
We just don't wanna grow older.
One day we all must die,
But before, we'll first enjoy our life.

Tonight, we're on the same road.
No pain, no rules, no one can stop us.
Tonight, we're on the same road.
What could be better than party and friends ?

We are unbreakable.
We are unbreakable.
Track Name: XXI
World of pain and aggression.
We didn't learn lessons from the past.
I still hear the same scream of distress,
Resonating in my head.

Horror and hatred are the only
Description of a modern world,
Created under a false image of peace.
How much time will we need to destroy everything ?

The end is near, my friend !

Don't you feel this baneful moment coming ?
It's just behind you, go on and suffer in silence.

We are mere spectators of our own death,
In front of the self-destruction, engaged
By these crazy people governating us.

Welcome to the twenty first century,
When the human kind still doesn't understand,
That the problem is itself.
Track Name: Yet Another - feat. Loxiput Eight Sins
Yet another fucking wake up,
Yet another fucking day.

Yet another wake up, with a fucking hangover.
Yet another wake up, with a will to fuck it all.
Soon, my obligations will regain the upper hand,
Making me remember why I got wasted.

No, I don't wanna remain a pawn my whole life.
I wanna live free and do what I want.
No, I don't wanna spend my life working and live in peace,
Enjoying the present without you fuckers ruining my day.

In our society, built on capitalism's notes,
Where our success depends on our submission.

The idea that wealth defines the man,
And deserves a deadly task.
For the elite to benefit.
At our expense, without feeling guilty.

End of bullshit, I dream of a sunny life.
I won't join your stereotyped standards.
I'd rather die than becoming a robot.
Don't count on me to overload myself.

Yet another wake up with a fucking hangover.
That's so good to get wasted, until I lose control.
Be free and forget everything, that's all what I need.
Track Name: Looking Back
After all these years, I'm looking back.
Everything has changed, now it's all black.
I remember how it used to be,
A piece of dream in reality.

Bad news, bad news, let's hear the voice.
Telling you how you don't have any choice.
I remember how we used to be,
A piece of family in this tragedy.

United as a one, for better or for worse.
We stood tall to keep it forever real.

But now, look what's left.
Rivalry, shit talks, face spitting.
But now, look what's left.
Competition overcame the spirit.

React, bring it back.
I miss the good old days.
React, bring it back.
The time we were proud of taking part.

What have we done ?
The shows turned into wars ?
What have we done ?
We forgot the true meaning.

This is the end, the golden age is
Forever lost if we keep going.
Make a step back for the better,
Or stay the course for the worse.